The Team

Kavya Ajaykumar

Kavya loves web design, and specializes on the programming side of the robot. One of the original team’s (Innovators) member, she loves problem solving, especially hardware issues with the robot. Kavya loves learning new concepts and she makes an effort to include everyone in the learning experience.  Kavya is focused and serious, yet fun to be around. She has many talents, and is a whiz with the computer. She hopes that the Day Dragons will bring pride to Massachusetts, and has made a great addition to the team. Kavya is a 8th grader at Day Middle School.

Esha Bhawalkar

Esha Bhawalkar joined the team in 2016, when the name switched to Day Dragons. She is very good at researching, and providing data to help prove a point while presenting. Her research and passion to help people has assisted the team greatly. She knows a lot about the environment, and can work with all the team members. She is completely against exclusion, and is a likable member of the Day Dragons. Esha’s in sixth grade.

Anika Bhawalkar

Anika Bhawalkar is a seventh grader at F. A. Day Middle School. She loves FLL, and was thrilled to join the team in 2015, Innovators, which evolved to Day Dragons in 2016. She loves designing and creating the robot, and helping to code the it. In addition, she loves using her creativity to help with a prototype in the desalination device the team is creating. She hopes that the Day Dragons will be successful in their final round, and bring pride and joy to F. A. Day and Newton, Massachusetts.

Hannah Hodge

Hannah Hodge joined the Day Dragons in 2016, with Esha and Allison. Always with a fun energy and spirit, Hannah wants her team to be the best it can be. Between making friendly suggestions to touch up the poster, or not stopping until she finds a part that will work on the robot, Hannah is familiar with all aspects of FLL, and is the person who is always double, triple, and sometimes even quadruple checking the team’s work before adding in something meaningful and brilliant. She is one of the four 8th graders at Day Middle School.

Allison Lee

Along with Hannah and Esha, Allison joined the team in 2016 when it became the Day Dragons. Allison works diligently at the robot, always with a goal in mind, and she usually reaches her target and leaves the work space satisfied. She is also a pro at reading from note cards, able to just glance down, mentally read the note, and elaborate it so that she speaks with clarity and expression. Her efforts never go unnoticed, and whenever she speaks, she has something important to say.  She is a 8th grader at Day Middle School.

Miranda Newstadt

Miranda is a bright and energetic girl who joined in 2017. Her father codes and her mother is a mechanical engineer, and Miranda got the best of both worlds. Always coming up with creative and outside-the-box ideas, Miranda has never disappointed anyone on the team. It also helps that she is a dragon expert, by the way. Miranda is in 6th grade at F.A. Day Middle School.

Amelia Newstadt

Amelia is one of our newest members of the team and is an amazing addition to this team. She works hard on project research and always has evidence to back up her point. She’s always bursting with new ideas and has greatly helped the day dragons move forward to make this team the best it can be. We have a great presentation thanks to her and is a important member of this team.

Lilah Baskin

Lilah is a new member along with Amelia and is smart and hard-working. She’s great with robotics and can always find a solution to a problem we’re facing. She’s amazing with hardware and can easily code the robot to solve issues we had for weeks! She puts in valuable info and has truly helped us greatly throughout this FLL year.


Ajaykumar Kutty

Ajaykumar Kutty introduced the original team to FLL. He is one of the coaches of FLL and was the sole mentor/coach of the original team, then called, The Innovators. He has been a part of the team since 2015.

Jay Bhawalkar

Jay Bhawalkar has coached the team for the last 2 years. He brings his passion for science and technology to the team and has helped the team to expand their use of sensors and advance their strategies for completing missions. Jay is a laser physicist by profession.

Keith Newstadt

Keith is a Software Architect who has brought his love of working with talented teams to the Day Dragons. He is has taught the team the value of working together and how to get things done quickly and accurately while keeping track of it all. 

Teik Lee

This is Teik’s third year working with the team.  He loves working on automation software and gets really excited seeing the girls try out various missions.  It is so much fun when things work but in a way even more fun when they do not go as plan.

Dmitry Baskin

Dmitry is our new coach this year and has been so helpful in keeping us on track and achieving our goals. He is great at working on hardware, and finding solutions with the robot using hardware as a way to make our robot performance accurate.