The Ligerbots Help Out the Day Dragons!

On the evening of Sunday, April 8th, six Ligerbots came to the Day Dragons’ headquarters to judge our presentation and prepare us for the world competition. The Ligerbots are a team from both Newton North and Newton South High Schools, that compete in the worldwide competition FRC, FIRST Robotics Competition. They have done very well in past years, and host the FLL competition at Newton North every year.

Last night, Ligerbots Lauren, a senior, and one of the main hosts and announcers in FLL, AJ, a freshman, and Doug, a sophomore came to the house. First, we talked about the robot. We did a robot round for them, and they were very impressed with our strategy and attachments. Then, we talked about how we programmed and designed our robot. They were very helpful and engaged and asked lots of good questions. They looked at our poster (top picture) and enjoyed our presentation, with a few pointer tips to make things better.

Then, we did our Core Values presentation. They loved all the things we were doing for the community, including helping the Alephbots and Hutzbots (see other blog entry for more information) and going to the Lincoln Elliot Science Fair (see other blog entry for more information). We did a very fun activity to show our cooperation and teamwork. Lauren had brough some cards, and we had to build a card tower together using only one arm without talking to each other. We actually did better without than the time we were allowed to talk before the activity! The Ligerbots asked us many questions, and told us what to do if judges asked us unexpected questions.

Finally, we showed them the project presentation. They helped us a lot on how to be more engaging when we speak, and look at the judges and audience instead of the poster. We also learned how to fidget quietly using a good strategy from the Ligerbot team members.

A main theme during this visit was confidence. Most of the tips and comments we received were about confidence, and being sure of ourselves. The Ligerbots taught us that we had to act like we earned a spot at Worlds, and we did. Our hard work is paying off, and this is an event to remember.

The night finished with the Day Dragons exclaiming over how much the Ligerbots inspired us, and we even got autographs! They invited us to their event on Saturday, and we will go and meet them there to watch their robot perform.

Thank you so much, Ligerbots, for bringing out the best in us!LigerbotsRobotPosterLigerbotsRobotLigerbotsLaurenAJDougLigerbotsCardActivityLigerbotsCoreValues


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