The Day Dragons

Our FIRST LEGO League (FLL) robotics team is called the Day Dragons, named after our school pride. The team is composed of four 7th graders and two 5th graders. Each year there is a special theme for the competition. This year’s theme is Hydrodynamics™, meaning the motion of water.

Our job is to build a robot and program it to solve different missions. You score points depending on which and how many missions you complete. This year’s theme is Into Orbit so all the missions are related to space problems.

Another aspect of this competition involves finding a solution to a real-world problem that relates to the theme. After coming up with the solution, we are required to present our idea to the judges. The problem we decided to address were astronaut suits. Space suits are bulky and this makes it difficult for astronauts to function properly and complete their missions efficiently and effectively. The Day Dragons have been working to find a solution to this problem, because this can affect long term space flights for astronauts. Space suits are a necessity to be in space to they have to work well in order for humans to learn more about space. We have been studying materials and researching the layers of space suit, while learning about heat transfer to make our solution the best it can be.  

Last year, on November 18 we participated in the Newton Qualifying Round of the tournament which had 24 teams competing. We won the Champion’s award, which is the highest honor in the competition! Since we did so well, our team qualified for the next round. On December 16, we competed in the Eastern Massachusetts State Championship which had 48 teams competing. We once again won the Champion’s Award! Therefore, we became the only team from Eastern Massachusetts that was chosen to move on to the World Championship to compete against top teams from around the world. Internationals was hosted in Detroit, Michigan from April 25 to 28 (You can learn more about it in our blog).